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August 14 - 19

Kutztown Fair, Kutztown: Come enjoy the Kutztown Fair, and watch cart racing, demolition derbies and much more at this weeklong event!  Renewal by Andersen will be there with your chance to win $10,000 of patio doors or windows.

August 15 - 19

Blue Valley Fair, Bangor:  The Blue Valley Farmer's Fair in Bangor, PA is a great family event that has rides, food, fun, live entertainment and much more.  Renewal by Andersen will be there to answer all of your questions regarding replacement patio doors and replacement windows!

August 20 - August 26

West End Fair, Gilbert:  The West End Fair in Gilbert, PA is a week-long fair with great funnel cake, demolition derbies, game, rides and much more!  Renewal by Andersen will be inside this year, so be sure to come find us and say hi and find out about our current offers!

August 21 - August 27

Harford Fair, Harford:  The Harford Fair in Harford, PA is a weeklong fair that has great food, live shows, entertainment for the kids, rides and much more!  Renewal by Andersen is excited to be participating in this fair for the first time, so be sure to stop by and say hi!

August 25 - September 3

GDS Fair, Newfoundland:  The GDS Fair in Newfoundland, PA is located in the heart of the Pocono Mtns.  Come enjoy great food, fun, rides and much more!  Renewal by Andersen will be there to answer all of your questions about replacing those patio doors and windows before the cold winter months!

August 26-27

Blue Mountain Beer Festival, Palmerton:  The Blue Mtn. Beer Fest is a weekend full of great beer tasting from local breweries.  Enjoy local IPAs, lagers and much more at this two-day festival held at Blue Mt. Ski Area in Palmerton, PA.  Renewal by Andersen will be there with your chance to win $10,000 of replacement windows or patio doors!

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